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Oscar Herrero - Guitarra flamenca paso a paso

Oscar Herrero - Guitarra flamenca

4.5 GB | MPEG2 | 720x480 | 120 min

Oscar Herrero has always been associated with the guitar. His interest in the Flamenco world placed him on important stages at a very early age, being a solo musician and a composer. He played in prestigious venues all over the world, such as the New York Metropolitan, Ottawa National Gallery, and the Teatro Real in Madrid, where he met some of th emost important names in the contemporary musical scene.


Arranging for Solo Guitar The Queen Titles

Arranging for Solo Guitar The Queen Titles

700 MB | MPEG2 | 720x480 | 120 min

This award-winning DVD showcases Edgar Cruz's notorious solo guitar arrangement of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. Also includes solo fingerstyle renditions of We Are The Champions, Killer Queen and Crazy Little Thing Called Love which are performed and then taught in great detail.


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