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TrueFire - David Santos: 50 Bass Grooves - 2013

TrueFire - David Santos: 50 Bass Grooves - 2013

2.7 GB | DVD5 | 720x480 | 240 min

We're going to talk about many different styles, grooves and bass lines that I feel will greatly enhance your bass playing. I will play each piece for you and then discuss the techniques and musical knowledge that will help you add these lines, and others like them, to your playing, in order

to help you create your own unique bass lines in the future. There are subtle differences within many of these passages that you may think, at first listen, are not so important, but as you dig deeper, you will find that these differences contain much information for you to develop and add to your bag of tricks. Let's get to it!

TrueFire - David Santos: 50 Bass Grooves - 2013


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